Overhead Presses

How to Complete the Overhead Press

Step 1
Lift weights up to your shoulders.

Step 2
Rotate the weights so your palms face inwards.

Step 3
Press the weights forward and slightly over your head.


Overhead Press Modifications
If you have bad shoulders, you may have some trouble performing the overhead press. Here are a few modifications to try before giving up:

  • Instead of pushing the weights as high as you can above your head until your elbows lock, lift the weights only half way up.
  • Lateral Raise Workout – If you’re completely unable to lift weights above your head, stand up straight and lift your dumbbells out to the sides of your body.



Fit Exercise Into Your Daily Routine

Putting groceries away in your cabinets is the perfect opportunity for squats! Leave the grocery bags on your floor and, instead of bending down to pick up items, lower yourself down in squat form.

Get Your Family Involved

If you’re out at the park with a small child, try holding your child as you squat down on a park bench. Keep holding onto them as you drive through your heels and stand back up.
You can let your kids join in on the fun by incorporating animals into squats. Give yourself a shark fin and pretend your fin is peaking through the water as you rise from your squat.

Motivations: Split Your Workout Into Smaller Segments

If finding a full 30 minutes is too difficult, then try to split that up into three 10 minute workouts. If you work in an office, try taking a brief 10 minute walk outside. Not only will you be active, but it may also improve your energy level at work.