How To Complete the Correct Crunch


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Step 1
Sit down with your feet flat on the floor.

Step 2
Place your hands behind your head. Don’t use them to lift yourself, use them as guidance.

Step 3
Lift your legs and keep them still. Proceed by using only your abdominal muscles to lift your shoulders towards the ceiling. You shouldn’t be using your back.


Crunch Modifications

If you have back pain, you may have some trouble performing crunches. Here are a few modifications to try before giving up:

  • Instead of holding your knees in the air, try bending and resting your knees on an elevated surface such as your couch
  • Limit your range of motion – if you begin to feel pain when your legs are 3 inches from the floor, try lowering them to 2 inches from the floor


Fit Exercise Into Your Daily Routine

Are you on laundry duty tonight? When it’s time to put the clothes in the dryer, it’s time for some crunches! Put your wet clothes in a basket next to you and assume crunch position. One by one, put your clothes in the dryer when you reach the peak of your crunch.

Get Your Family Involved

Practice crunch throw-ins with your little soccer players. Lie flat on your back holding the soccer ball. Once at the top of your crunch, throw the soccer ball to your kid and repeat the process back and forth.

Motivations: Set Personal Goals

Setting fitness goals can help you stay motivated when you’re not feeling up for your workout. It will give you something to strive for and may just be the push you need.