Box In Place

How to Box In Place Correctly

Step 1
Stand sideways and keep your feet shoulder length apart. Begin hopping forward and backward.

Step 2
Keep your left fist up towards your chin and punch outwards with your right arm.

Step 3
Switch sides by putting your right fist up towards your chin and punch outwards with your left arm.


Boxing in Place Modifications

If you’re unable to box in place, here a few modifications to try before giving up:

  • Instead of extending your arms outwards, simply try running in place for a minute straight. This is a great cardio workout to do if you’re unable to use your arms.
  • Stand tall, bend your knees and bounce back and forth from side to side while keeping your arms up near your chest.


Fit Exercise Into Your Daily Routine

Have a favorite TV show? Maybe a favorite movie? Instead of sitting down while you watch, stand up in your living room and box in place!

Get Your Family Involved

Have a family member raise their hands and place them an arms stretched length in front of you. Use their palms as small punching bags and try to make contact with them each time you box in place. You can even have them move their palms in different areas to improve your aim and self-defense skills.

Motivations: Find an Accountability Partner

Find a family member, friend, or a co-worker to exercise with. Keeping each other accountable can help balance your enthusiasm towards working out. Your friend might be tired one day, but you can push them to succeed while you expect them to do the same for you.