How To Complete the Correct Lunge


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Step One
Stand with your hands on your hips facing forward

Step Two
Take a lunge step forward and hold. Make sure your knee doesn’t cross the line of your toe.

Step Three
Step back into place


Lunge Modifications

If you have achy knees, you may have some trouble performing lunges. Here are a few modifications to try before giving up:

  • Halfway Lunge:
    Try lowering only halfway down when you step into your lunge.
  • Reverse Lunge:
    Instead of stepping forward, step backward. This places less stress on your knees.

Fit Exercise Into Your Daily Routine

Do you feel like you spend half your day cleaning up after your kids? Instead of picking up that soccer ball and walking it over to the closet, try lunging it over to the closet instead!

Get Your Family Involved

Start a game of lunge Hide and Seek. Try hiding some of your children’s favorite toys around the house and having them find them, only catch, they have to do lunges while they’re looking! Then turn the tables, have your children hide the toys and you can look for them all while lunging.

Motivations: Keep Your Kids Moving

Not only are kids who are active less likely to become overweight and develop Type 2 Diabetes, but physical activity can improve their self-confidence and give them a better outlook on life. Try out physical activities with your kids until you find something they love. Be sure to encourage them and make physical activity a positive experience for everyone involved.